Climate-Controlled Storage in Philadelphia

Storage units that keep your property safe from fluctuating temperatures

What is a Climate-Controlled Storage Unit?

Climate-controlled self storage units are exactly what you need to protect your property from extreme hot and cold temperatures (and everything that comes with them)! 

These units feature regulated temperatures. This means they stay within a set temperature range, keeping your items safe from damages associated with extreme or fluctuating temperatures. 

Our units provide a reduced risk of freezing, mold, mildew, and other associated dangers.

What Items Benefit from Climate Control?

Most items fare better in climate-controlled storage units, but a few benefit more than others

Clothing & Bedding

Any kind of fabric benefits from being stored in a climate-controlled space. These items are at a greater risk of damage, especially if it becomes hot and humid in the storage space and causes the fabric to trap moisture that can form mold and mildew.


Electronics are especially delicate. Electronics can suffer from both temperature extremes. They’re especially prone to damage from high levels of humidity and freezing temperatures.

Documents & Art

Much like fabric, these items are prone to damage from humid conditions. If you’re storing important documents or are mandated to keep records for your business, store them in a climate-controlled unit.


Collectibles are too important to leave in a non-climate-controlled environment. Whether you’re storing anime figures, old dolls, antiques, shoes, video games, or virtually any other collectible item, choose climate control. This will help preserve the treasured items, whether you collect them for personal enjoyment or to resell later!


Most furniture should be kept in a climate-controlled space. However, it’s especially important for wooden and upholstered furniture. Fluctuating temperatures and high levels of humidity are likely to cause damage to wooden furniture or upholstery.


Do you need to store your business’s inventory? Whether you’re an e-commerce shop or a local store that needs extra space for your stock, climate-controlled storage units help keep your product in top shape so there is less risk of complaints about damage.

Where Can I Find Climate Control in Philadelphia?

Look no further than Mr. Storage for the climate-controlled storage units you need to keep your items safe in the Philadelphia area. 

We pride ourselves on providing high-quality service with competitive rates and the friendliest local service. 

We have many self storage facilities throughout the greater Philadelphia area, so there’s sure to be a climate-controlled unit from Mr. Storage near you!

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